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Adwords Clickbank Direct Linking – If you could create an affiliate project that makes you one thousand dollars a year, how many affiliate projects would you begin today, i ‘m going to show you a really easy technique of producing affiliate projects by utilizing direct connecting between bing ads and clickbank hi, men, i ‘m dave.

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So today we ‘re going to talk about how to earn money simply by doing a direct linking campaign in between bing, advertisements and clickbank, and to highlight this, i wanted to show you the method we would usually establish a project when we ‘re advertising on bing ads.
Let ‘s have an appearance at an example of what usually occurs when we promote on bing ads, so somebody ‘s browsing on bing they ‘re, looking for how to lose weight in 90 days and when they struck enter your advertisement comes up in position.

One for your super duper weight reduction program that you ‘re promoting, so the surfer clicks on your ad goes through to your landing page or your bridge page and on your landing page or your bridge page, you invest a couple of hours a day or a week developing a nice review, a good informative piece about how the super duper weight loss diet is the best diet to assist you lose weight in 90 days and throughout your page.
You ‘ve got links scattered everywhere, stating please click here! Please click here! Because clearly you want them to click so then they ‘ll go through to the product, please click here.
The visitor checks out the page and thinks oh sounds like an intriguing diet plan.

I ‘ll take a look at a bit more about this, so they click among the links on your page.
That ‘s your hop link, and so your hop link takes them through to the sales page and if they purchase then you ‘re going to get a great commission they ‘re going to get a weight loss item and the vendor is going to get a cut of the sale plus A client on their newsletter, everybody ‘s happy, but we ‘ve got a little bit of a problem with this setup and the problem is this: friction the landing page or the bridge page causes a lot of friction.So envision like this, so i ‘m searching on how to slim down in 90 days got a wedding coming up need to lose weight quickly.

Something like that.
Your advertisement shows up in bing.
I click on that advertisement and then i go to a landing page and it ‘s got great deals of info.

Beneficial details about this specific diet.
That ‘s going to assist me reduce weight.
So, by the time i survive reading the landing page, i ‘ve got a million emails that are disrupting me and taking my attention away, i ‘ve got messages coming through on my iphone.

I ‘ve got somebody calling me.
I ‘ve got john harassing me to go for lunch, and my manager is coming over and speaking with me about that report that he wants me to compose.

I ‘m sidetracked so i ‘ve gone through many the landing page, however i haven ‘t had a chance to click through yet and now i ‘m distracted and probably that web browser window is going to get closed or my iphone is going to get turned off or forgotten and soon.

The last thing i ‘m thinking of is your landing page and clicking through to a sales page.

So this is a genuine huge friction point.
Ideally, what we wish to do is have the ad show up in bing, so how to lose weight in 90 days.

Bing bing bong, there ‘s your ad okay and click the advertisement and we go straight from being all the way through your hop link to the sales page job done the individual, neither buyers or they wear ‘t buy.

You get your commission everybody ‘s delighted.
So what we ‘re going to perform in this brief tutorial is set up a campaign promoting a clickbank item through bing ads which advertisement is going to take the visitor or the consumer directly from the advertisement.

Through your hop link to the sales page.

That is called direct linking alright.
Let ‘s take a look at that now, so we ‘re in the clickbank market, so we ‘re just going to have an appearance in the market and discover any old random product that we are going to produce a promo for a test promo.

Okay, so let ‘s go to the marketplace and let ‘s search and fine.
So let ‘s simply choose what ‘s preceded, so we ‘ve got research, the godzilla of offers, okay, promote and there ‘s our little hop link generator, and this is our hop link.

Okay, but this is not going to look extremely quite in our google advertisement, our bing advertisement – is it wear ‘t worry, got you covered okay, so i ‘ve copied that close, our hoplink generator and now we ‘re going to click over to our bing account.

So in our bing account we are quite just going to click, develop project, we ‘re going to say i desire visits to my site.

Okay, this is our research study project, and yet twenty dollars is good.
Canada, joined states, all great yep.

All that ‘s good because we ‘re just doing a test we want to go through quickly, go and save to next step.
Okay, so ad group name research, whoops, fine and for our keyword, we ‘ve been discussing this.
So, let ‘s just do that how to slim down in 90 days, fine and then we ‘re going to go to the bottom of there and click next.

Okay, so we ‘ve established our project, we ‘ve included our keywords: now we ‘re going to develop our ad, so we click produce ad, and this is where we will put in our last url now.
Our final url is where the visitor is going to eventually land after they click the ad alright, that ‘s the only thing this url implies most the time.
That ‘s the only thing people use to direct the visitor through to whichever landing page or sales page they ‘re going to.

However, we ‘re going to do something a bit various, so what i want you to do is consider the final url as the screen url.

Whatever we type in here, the only purpose for this url field is to display the url in the advertisement alright.
So whatever we type here is going to show up in the green on the advertisement okay, so i ‘ve actually forgotten the domain name of that research study campaign.

So i ‘m going to paste and go just to make sure all right and we can see it ‘s research.
com, okay, so we ‘re gon na close that and we ‘re gon na go back and we ‘re going to enter research study.

So you see in green, it says research.
com! Okay! So it ‘s telling the visitor that ‘s where you ‘re going, generally all right, so let ‘s just put some text into this advertisement.
We can.

Let ‘s refer to it as research authorities, due to the fact that we are going to go to the landing page and we ‘ll state totally free delivery.
I wear ‘t understand if it is, however let ‘s simply state it is alright for the sake of argument, all right and we ‘re going to put some text drop weight quick in 90 days.
That sort of doesn ‘t make good sense.

Let me alter that reduce weight in 90 days.

This advertisement, most likely wouldn ‘t get approved with that text, but we ‘re just doing this as a test all right so now we ‘re down to the fundamental part, and the important part is where we ‘re going to put our hop link.
Okay, so you see this sort of drop down.

Looking thing here that says, include url options, we ‘re going to click that and you ‘ll see.
The very first field here is called tracking design template.
Now, typically, this field is utilized, uh for tracking software and the tracking software application offers uh offers the marketer an unique link that they can put in here and then what bing ads will do is send out the visitor, through that tracking link to go to eventually get to The landing page or the sales page, and what that does is it, provides the tracking software application lots of information about the visitor, so that campaigns can be optimized and so forth.

So we can utilize this tracking design template to put our hop link in and when we put our hop link in there.

What ‘s going to happen, is bing ads is going to acknowledge that the hop link is a tracking design template.
It ‘s going to verify that completion outcome of going through that hop link is that the visitor will arrive on the screen url the green url that they see in the ad fine.

So i ‘m going to reveal you uh testing this so that we understand that it will work alright, so we wish to paste our hop link in here.
Okay, this is not going to reveal anywhere it ‘s simply for being to comprehend where it ‘s sending the um sending out the visitor fine, and if we move down a bit more you ‘ll see a button here test.
So what that does? Is that tests the hop link to ensure that it does in reality go to the display url in this case research.

com? Let ‘s test and landing page found done.
Okay, so we can likewise get a bit more info about the the test results.

We click.

It constantly jumps like that if we click on that little dot there so landing page, url, research study, tracking blah blah blah and whatever screen landing page discovered tracking call successful landing page found done so now we simply save that ‘s going to take us to some choices.
We can include, we wear ‘t need to do that.
We ‘re just checking fine and we ‘re going to finish this off, simply to make certain everything conserves so um.

Our day-to-day budget plan is 20.
We ‘re bidding one dollar per click save boom.
It ‘s done! Okay! So that ‘s how you set up a direct connecting project between bing ads and clickbank.

You ‘ve got links scattered all over, saying please click here! Please click here due to the fact that undoubtedly you want them to click so then they ‘ll go through to the item.
It ‘s informing the visitor that ‘s where you ‘re going, essentially all right, so let ‘s simply put some text into this ad.
It ‘s done! That ‘s how you set up a direct linking project between bing ads and clickbank. Adwords Clickbank Direct Linking

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